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A mobile application that provides young people
in alternative care access to their personal information


Working with the company RedMane, I was tasked with branding and designing a mobile app for youth (16+) in alternative care (foster, kinship or residential care) scenarios. This is an ongoing project and will be updated as it progresses.

Project overview

This application will provide a means by which a young person who doesn’t have access to their biological parents and very little (to no) control over the day to day security common for most young people (where they will live, where they will go to school, access to their medical information) might be able to take a little more control over their own data and details. 

The app will work as a space for the user to access information such as personal information, activities, school tasks and meetings, medical information, and caseworker history.


Solo UX/UI Design, User Research, User Interviews, Branding, Logo Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing


Figma, Adobe Illustrator


2 weeks/20hrs per week


Ready to jump into the prototype? Click to view in Figma.
view prototype

01 research



The Chronicle of Social Change comprised a list of online resources, but the apps that are mentioned for this demographic seem to have been discontinued.


I conducted an interview of 6 participants of ages 16-22 who were either in high school or college via Zoom to understand what goals or frustrations users have when interacting with these specific apps and to identify and understand the needs and pain points of users using apps to access their medical information. I then had users share their screens and walk me through an app they use frequently to understand their overall experience using an app.

You can view the complete interview debrief here.



  • noted that they would feel more independent and empowered if they had access to their medical records


  • utilize a productivity app for keeping track of assignments and after-school activities
  • wish they felt better equipped for college and would like a place for resources on scholarships, etc.
  • felt they would regularly utilize their medical records if they had access to them


I conducted an interview with the Director of Product Development and the Senior Software Developer at Redmane to better understand who the users are and the goals, pain points and assumptions that Redmane has for the application Cynch.


  • Create a space for individuals to access personal information such as where they will go to school, courses they're taking, access to their medical information, etc.
  • Families are mandated to interact with the organization because of parental failure.
  • Key words for the brand: Empowering. Enable, Reclaim, Support, Help.


  • Ensuring top security methods will be imperative for this kind of system - lots of sensitive information.
  • This would be a gov issued application distributed through the foster care system/caseworkers
  • Information heavy app for a young demographic (16+). It's important to make this app functional but still enjoyable to use.

feature roadmap

02 ideation

I begun ideation with a few sketches and then expanding upon my design in my wireframes.

expanding upon the ideation

final wireframes - pre testing


Using a small but diverse set of subjects I solicited feedback for proof of concept and future features and functionality.



next steps

Phase 02
In the next iteration of this project, I would like to work on implementing more features including:

final reflection

I was the only designer on this project, but I had the privilege of interacting with the development team. There was a learning curve when communicating between teams, but through this experience, we were able to help each other and I learned how to appropriately interact with developers.​ I am excited to continue working on Cynch and look forward to seeing how it's developed.

Overall, the design had a usability test completion rate of 100% (5 out of 5 participants) when navigating the prototype.

view prototype

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