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How Augmented Reality and Keyless Entry Can
Improve the Hotel Experience.

Project Overview

This is an ongoing, concept level project that I am currently presenting to the Vice President of Rooms at Four Seasons. Working within the strict constraints of brand, I sought to gain an understanding of how AR and Keyless Entry can improve the hotel experience. I added this feature to the Four Seasons mobile app.


Implementing mobile key technology provides guests with the convenience of reducing time at the front desk and assists in the prevention of lost or forgotten room keys. This solution allows hotel guests to check in and access their assigned guest room immediately upon arrival, unlocking the door with their mobile device and thus eliminating the need to visit the front desk. Potential guests are also given the opportunity to view the entire hotel from a 360° perspective, allowing them to view and get directions to the rooms, gym, pool, lobby and more.


UX/UI Design, User Research, User Interviews, Prototyping, Usability Testing


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Optimal Workshop


3 weeks/30hrs per week


Ready to jump into the prototype? Click to view in Figma.
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01 research




of total participants
  • said seeing a 360 view of their hotel and room would be beneficial to their stay allow them to gain trust with the hotel brand
  • said having a Mobile Key and Virtual Check-in would save them time and that it was a major bonus for them
  • said they would want to ensure that the Mobile Key was secure before using it - but trusted that the hotel would do so
  • would download an app if it meant they could check-in virtually and use a key on their phone
  • enjoy amenities and activities, such as the pool, gym and spa once they’re at the hotel


I conducted an interview with the Vice President of Rooms at Four Seasons to better understand the clientele and the goals and pain points that Four Seasons is facing.


  • Streamline guests needs prior and during their stay
  • Build loyalty and gain retention on their app
  • Add additional features to their current app in order to enhance their guests' stay.


  • How can we predict and integrate the guests itinerary without feeling too pushy or like blatant marketing.
  • The two things Four Seasons wants to focus on for improving their app is: Mobile Key and Mobile Payment.
  • How do we allow the user to set up their profile so that it queues up relevant information for their stay?

potential SOLUTIONS

After my conversation, I sought to gather a few solutions to Four Seasons' problems and how AR and Keyless Entry could solve them. Below is a few of my ideas and questions that I posed while designing this feature.

defining the job

In order to better define the key user I would be designing for, I created a persona based on my insights from my user research. Using a jobs-to-be-done approach, I defined ideas for why this persona, Josh, would hire the app. From there, I generated “how might we” statements and began to generate solutions.

02 ideation

I created a few lo-fi wireframes to explore a few different ideas for the mobile key landing page. I ended up with a variation of #1 and #4. I believe it encompasses all of the information the user will need whilst staying at the hotel and gives to option to both unlock the door or pay for something.

expanding upon the ideation

final wireframes - pre testing


Using a small but diverse set of subjects I solicited feedback for proof of concept and future features and functionality.




During testing, users were interested in how AR could be used through the booking process. Currently, Four Seasons does not offer booking within their app but I wanted to explore how this could be implemented. Because I designed a new page called 'my stay', this is where users would access the booking feature. This allows for a seamless transition for the user to search, book and then access their stay at Four Seasons.

Because the booking process was not within the project scope, I only designed two screens in order to investigate how this design feature would look within the app.

next steps

Phase 02
In the next iteration of this project, I would like to work on implementing more features including:

final reflection

I really enjoyed exploring keyless entry and AR within the hospitality industry. Apps, in particular, are increasingly important in the way hoteliers manage the services they provide to their customers and can now control many aspects of the guest cycle and experience. Including features such Virtual & Augmented Reality allows guests to use this tool to explore the hotel, access restaurant opening times, reviews or interactive tourist information maps, or even create user-generated content.

Overall, the design had a usability test completion rate of 100% (5 out of 5 participants) when navigating the prototype.

view prototype

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